Car wash

Adrress Service Tir:
127 Pasichna st. Lviv
(067) 370 69 27

How difficult is to wash the truck alone? After all, truck or bus is almost always on the go, contaminated not only the body but also the engine. Briefly speaking - it's just not possible, it requires special equipment and skills.

Service-TIR understand how important for long trips driver are a pure machine not only outside but also inside. So practically we recently updated our car wash for trucks, buses and trailers. Having purchased new equipment and new chemistry we have improved service for washing trucks.

Services Washing Service-TIR

  • car wash machine outside
  • washing trailer
  • car wash motor
  • Dry cleaning Motor Show

Washing for trucks, buses and trailers meets all safety requirements. At the carwash are specialists who have experience in this business for years.

After the work, you just not be recognize their trucks.

Also here you can put your car in the parking lot or conduct computer diagnostics. We provide a full range of maintenance and repair of trucks, buses and trailers.