Adrress Service Tir:
127 Pasichna st. Lviv

Service-TIR - it's a wide range of services, which includes repair services trucks. Why very important to repair yours truck in service center? Because much truck needs special repairs and service. Moving goods not for one thousand kilometers, the driver must be sure of proper operation of the truck. Therefore, this job must engage people who are professionals and know well the specifics of their work.

Actually we have equipped our stations newest professional equipment, had the appropriate training of staff, so we can provide quality services for the repair of freight cars and computer diagnostics.

Among service stations Service-TIR:

  • engine repair
  • Repair of the fuel equipment
  • Gearbox, gears
  • Repair of undercarriage
  • pneumatic repair
  • repair of radiators, tents
  • repair of air conditioners
  • repair heaters
  • computer diagnostics
  • geometry of wheels
  • tire
  • tachographs
  • washer

Benefits stations Service-TIR - is primarily a convenient, the quality and speed of execution of works on repair of freight cars.