Adrress Service Tir:
127 Pasichna st. Lviv
(067) 370 69 27

Tire service freight cars it`s a very important services that will ensure the safety of your car on the road. But of course particularly nasty accidents happen on our roads can damage the tire or drive and need to solve the problem. If this happens on middle of the field, you can somehow replace the damaged tire own or goin in the professional tire service and get appropriate help.

Service-TIR providing such services. Here you can leave your car and carry a full range of treatments related to the diagnosis and repair trucks. We offer a range of services mounting TIR in Lviv. This replacement of the damaged tires, balancing and removal, wash the wheels and replace replacement tires for winter or summer. Extremely important is the correct wheel balancing, and this requires balancing equipment. Actually in the studio by mounting Lviv we use modern equipment, which helps to detect and correct faults.
We believe using the services tire of Lviv, you will be satisfied with the quality of services and impressed prices.

Tire Services

Service Name Price with VAT*
Wheel balancing (granulate) 100 g 9
Balancing tires R22.5 to 400g. service 108
Balancing tires R17.5 / R19 / 5 to 300g. service 84
ventel 1 pcs. 30
The vulcanization of the tire service 48
wheel-mounting Removing the hub service 48
Dismantling, assembly of the tire from the disk service 48
Tyres Dismantling service 24
Replacing the heat sink core service 700
Removal vstanovl.koles (twin) service 96
Removal vtanovl.zapaski service 30
Removing tires service 18
spare wheel mounting and dismantling service 48
Installation-dismantling of the wheels service 30
Installation-dismantling of the tire from the disk service 36
Mounting tires service 24
Check the radiator service 84
Adapter metal pc. 36
plastic adapter service 36
Swapping wheels service 6
Deepening longitudinal tread (track 1) service 30
Deepening combining the tread pattern 1 pcs. 204
Remmastem pc. 20
Disk Restoration service 120
Tire (dismantling-assembling wheels, d/m tires) service 96

*Prices valid from 1.11 2016