Used parts

Adrress Service Tir:
127 Pasichna st. Lviv
(032) 240 45 62
(067) 674 14 49

Freight Trucking today occupy an important place. Therefore, those who engage in such trucking , they want to they were serviceable import freight cars. But whatever good assembly your trucks, they also breaking. Then drivers or owners seeking parts for passenger cars, it may be new original parts, or usedparts . Genuine Parts to buy is not so easy, plus they are expensive and used parts are not always reliable and of good quality. Therefore the problem.

Service-TIR, realizing this, has opened service on disassembly of freight cars. Benefits dismantling of freight transport - it is always a large number of auto parts for freight cars. You can also find the parts that no longer produced. We have a special room where the mechanic involved dismantling trucks, all the details are sorted, each in his place. Search will go to the parts not required much time. And most importantly, these parts are affordable.

So if you really need some used spare parts for trucks car Reno, Mercedes, MAN, Iveco, Daf, Volvo, Scania, come to us at 127 Pasichna st. Lviv.