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Палец рычага, подвески Van Hool
Реставрация ступиц рено и вольво
розширительный бачок Neoplan setra, 81061026118
Ремонт топливной аппаратуры Львов
Глушитель к ван хул


Cabs from 300$. More information the manager (067) 674 14 49

News used parts:
used parts рено магнум
used parts reno premium euro2
used parts scania r-380 евро5
used parts man 19.403

Repair work of trucks:
Repair of turbines
Repair and restoration of the hubs for the brake disc
tempering HFC
Technical inspection of trucks, buses and special equipment

Service Tir - a leading company in the services of repair of trucks in Lviv, which for many years of fruitful cooperation with well-known manufacturers of spare parts for trucks It has become a leader of maintenance services of trucks, buses, trailers.

Complex service of automobile center:

  • engine repair
  • maintenance and repair of the fuel equipment
  • gearbox repair, reducers
  • Services undercarriage
  • pneumatic service
  • repair of radiators
  • repair of awnings

Automechanics with experience help you in choosing parts for trucks. performed diagnosing engine, wheels geometry, tire and other work related to servicing trucks.

Wide range of spare parts

For different brands of commercial vehicles: MAN, DAF, Renault, Volvo,IVECO, Mercedes, Scania, PREMIUM, MAGNUM in.

Service car wash and parking

Be certain depot services Lviv №1 - this is what you need for your truck. Order auto parts online, fast work personnel - will allow you to save time and get reliable help.

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Lviv, st. Pasichna 127